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Tailsey - The One With The First Date
Quick Synopsis:
Tails is eager to ask Zooey out on a date; but has no special place in mind for it. Sonic decides he and Knuckles will help out Tails; with disastrous results.
“The One With The First Date”
It was another beautiful day on the island. Sonic was taking a chance to take some R&R while Knuckles was busy strength training in the jungle. Sonic was sawing logs when Tails had approached him. Tails gently whispered and shook Sonic.
“Sonic?” Tails asked, “Sonic; I need your help.” Sonic was still asleep, so Tails shook him harder.
“Please Sonic; this is important.” Tails added, “It’s about Zooey.” Sonic’s eyes snapped open and Tails jumped back slightly.
“What about her?” Sonic then asked, “What’s the problem?” Tails sighed.
“You know I like her, right?” Tails replied. Sonic then rolled his eyes.
“Dude, I’m your best friend; we are almost like brothers.
:iconsweetcandace:SweetCandace 3 9
Tailsina: Sonic, I Shrunk My Girlfriend!
It was a bright and sunny morning in the Mystic Ruins. Tails was in his workshop, tinkering with a few items before writing some progress in a little journal.
“I love Mina, I really do, but sometimes she interferes with my work and often derails my progress.” he wrote down, “But, I’m worried that when she surprises me the wrong way I could hurt her, or even kill her. If I killed or even hurt her, I’d never be able to live with myself.” As he wrote that down, he tinkered with the first item, a shrink ray.
“Shrink ray’s done.” Tails noted, “The growth ray needs a little more tinkering and it should be done.” He grabbed the shrink ray, turned the setting to safety and played by faking shots out of it.
“Let's turn it on and let’s see if it will work.” Tails said, turning the safety off. At this point, Mina came in from behind and startled Tails.
“Hi Tails!” she exclai
:iconsweetcandace:SweetCandace 4 5
Tailsina: Mother of All Stories
This is the first story in a series of shipfics between Sonic the Hedgehog characters; Miles “Tails” Prower and Mina Mongoose.
Quick Synopsis:
Tails and Mina Mongoose tell their daughter, Melody a bedtime story about how they got together and eventually got married.
Mother of All Stories!
It was a stormy night in the land of Downunda. Tails, who was now an adult, stared out of the window, looking at the rain, the thunder and lightning coming down around them.
“It’s really coming down hard,” Tails stated, talking to the window. Tails was dressed with a pair of brown pilot gloves, a pair of brown boots, and a brown utility belt wrapped around his waist. He took off his pair of pilot goggles and placed them on a table near the window. He turned around to face his wife, Mina; who was sitting in a chair. She had her lilac-colored hair cut short, a far cry from the long locks she had growing up. She had an
:iconsweetcandace:SweetCandace 5 6
Miles Tails Prower Background by SweetCandace Miles Tails Prower Background :iconsweetcandace:SweetCandace 2 0 NewdAID by SweetCandace NewdAID :iconsweetcandace:SweetCandace 1 0
MLP:FiM - Viva Las Pegasus!
The tenth and final Confidenceshipping story featuring my OC; White Lightning and Rainbow Dash.
Quick Synopsis:
When they find out the Wonderbolts are moving their base of operations from Cloudsdale to Las Pegasus; Rainbow Dash and White Lightning find themselves in an unattractive position; lose their jobs they worked so hard to get, or lose their friends they worked so hard to keep.
Viva Las Pegasus!
Sun was rising over the mountains as it slowly began its rise into the sky. The early morning mail pegasi were busy delivering the morning mail to the residents of Equestria. A rolled up newspaper was dropped at the doorstep of a flying, palatial home.
That home belonged to the fast-flying duo of Rainbow Dash and White Lightning. White was standing outside, on the porch outside the master bedroom, watching the sun rise.
“It never changes, it’s always constant.” White said softly to himself, as to not disturb, his sleeping wife, Rainbow Dash.
:iconsweetcandace:SweetCandace 0 0
MLP: A Perfect Prism
This is the ninth one-shot in an on-going series featuring Confidenceshipping.
Quick Synopsis:
Rainbow Dash and White Lightning, about a year after the birth of their first foal, find out they'll be traveling down the road again of expectation as Rainbow finds out she's pregnant for a second time. Crimson is unaware at first, but she soon becomes excited at the fact she'll be a big sister.
A Perfect Prism
Rainbow Dash and White Lightning were flying through the skies above Ponyville. Tightly locked in between them is their daughter, Crimson Streak. The two were busy training their daughter to fly on her own and get her wings stronger.
"Mommy, Daddy," Crimson Streak said, "How much longer?" Rainbow turned her head to the left and spoke,
"Well, sweetheart," Rainbow replied, "We're just trying to help you out in getting used to flying."
"Your mother's right, dear," White chimed in, "We have your best interests at heart."
"But, I want to go home!" Crimson
:iconsweetcandace:SweetCandace 2 1
MLP: Princess Cadance Background by SweetCandace MLP: Princess Cadance Background :iconsweetcandace:SweetCandace 48 1
MLP: Remember the Date
This is the eighth one-shot in an ongoing series featuring Confidenceshipping. (White Lightning and Rainbow Dash).
Quick Synopsis:
White Lightning and Rainbow Dash tell their daughter, Crimson Streak a bedtime story about their first date and how they got together in the first place. Crimson is tired of the same old bedtime stories, and wanted something new to listen to before she went to bed.
Remember the Date
The sun was falling in Equestria, and soon the moon would be taking its place in the skies above. High above the ground, in a pseudo-like palatial sky mansion, was the home of two famous pegasi, Rainbow Dash and White Lightning. Everypony knew these two; Rainbow Dash was the famed "Element of Loyalty", and now is the leader of the famed flying group; the Wonderbolts. Her second-in-command in the Wonderbolts is also her faithful and loving husband, White Lightning. Many ponies were shocked to hear a pegasi, who declared she "was better of
:iconsweetcandace:SweetCandace 3 2
MLP: Rainbow Dash: Dashing Off Background by SweetCandace MLP: Rainbow Dash: Dashing Off Background :iconsweetcandace:SweetCandace 31 2
MLP: Dash of Lightning
This is the seventh in an on-going series of one-shots featuring Confidenceshipping.
Quick Synopsis:
Rainbow Dash becomes a member of the Wonderbolts at last! She becomes overjoyed at the fact her dream came true! But, when White Lightning wants to go out on a date to celebrate, she shoots down his proposal. After some pestering by White and Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash caves in, and accepts the date plans. Little does she know that saying yes to the date would set the chain of events in motion that would cause Rainbow Dash to do something she never thought she would; tell somepony she loves them.
Dash of Lightning
Today was the day. The day all of Rainbow Dash's hard work and perseverance pays off. The day, when she finally becomes a member of the prestigious, and elite Wonderbolts.
"Come on, this is no time to get flustered!" she said to herself, "Got to bring out my A-game!" She danced around throwing her hooves out, in a punching style, getting
:iconsweetcandace:SweetCandace 5 3
MLP: Daring Do Background by SweetCandace MLP: Daring Do Background :iconsweetcandace:SweetCandace 20 1
MLP: Daring Confidence
Quick Synopsis:
(The sixth in a series of Confidenceshipping oneshots.)
Rainbow Dash has become engrossed in the Daring Do series of books. She begins to believe that'd she would go on an adventure with Daring Do. White Lightning decides this is the perfect opportunity to get Rainbow Dash to go out with him, so he dons the persona of Daring Do.
Daring Confidence
"Daring Do made the long way up the glass staircase," Rainbow Dash began, "Then carefully stepped into the Crystal Chamber where the Ruby Challis lay."
"Careful as to not trip any traps, Daring Do tip-hooved from space to space until the Challis was right there."
"Making sure there was no trap underneath, Daring Do swiped the challis and darted out of the building." Rainbow Dash closed the book and rubbed her eyes. The clock on her wall read 9:00am.
"I've been reading this story for four hours," she said, "I need a break from it." She then placed the book on the nightstand and slowly walked into the bathroo
:iconsweetcandace:SweetCandace 3 4
MLP: Rainbow Dash Fun Background by SweetCandace MLP: Rainbow Dash Fun Background :iconsweetcandace:SweetCandace 16 3 MLP: Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark Background by SweetCandace MLP: Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark Background :iconsweetcandace:SweetCandace 6 1 MLP: Rainbow Dash Hurricane Background by SweetCandace MLP: Rainbow Dash Hurricane Background :iconsweetcandace:SweetCandace 27 2


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